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WEI SHU RENmaster Wei Shu Ren


Master Wèi Shú Rén was born in Beijing in 1924 and is a famous master of the Yang style, successor of “taiji quan nei-gong” of Yang Jian Hou.

Since he was young he has very keen on taiji quan. In 1958 they found the left side of his heart had an illness (I don’t know how to translate it, related with “blockage” and “stagnation” ) and another illness related with weakness of his nervous system, which led him to carry on with tai-chi chuan for life.

He studied the forms of 24 and of 88 of the Yang system, the first and second routines of the Chen style, as well as sword, saber, stick, etc. His nerves illness finally improved, but his heart didn’t and its condition remained the same as the beginning.

In 1982 he became a formal pupil of a famous master of “wu-shu” of China, the great master Wáng Y^ong Quán. Wèi Shù Rén studied very hard making progress prodigiously quickly. Master Wang became very fond of him and asked him to be his successor and spread his teachings to his pupils, as well as pour them into different books and divulge widely this style.


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Master Wei Shu Ren and Zhang Xiumu In 1991 he took part in the “Exchange meeting of tui-shou of the nine provinces” as a representative member of the tai-chi chuan delegation of Beijing, using his genuine method of “fajinr” due to “nei-gong” and his deep technique of “soft hands” (su tui-shou). The people who attended valued him with high level. In may of the same year he accepted the invitation of the Asocciation of Taiji Quan of the Province of Hunan to visit Chan Sha and give lessons. There he was granted the title of high counsellor.

In 1994 he accepted the special invitation of the training centre “Guardians of Virtue” of Australia to impart teaching and was praised as famous master of great knowledge of the Yang style.

In 1995 he visited Australia again to teach.

In 1996 he accepted an invitation of a martial arts gymnasium in Taipei to impart teaching as well as carry out the presentation of his book “The Genuine Teachings of Yang Style of Taiji Quan, Sequel”.

In 1998 he visited Wen Zhou (China) as a guest of the Wu-shu Association of that city to impart teaching.

Master Wèi Shù Rén has been doing a vast task in the field of tai-chi chuan and its technique for many years.


Wei Shuren's bookdictated by Wáng Yong Quan and written by Wei Shu Ren “The Genuine Teachings of the Yang Style of Taiji Quan (dictated by Wáng Yong Quan and written by Wei Shu Ren) in chinese.

“The Genuine Teachings of the Yang Style of Taiji Quan, sequel”- in chinese-

“The Genuine Techniques of the Yang Style of Taiji Quan- in chinese-

“The Genuine Nei-Gon of Taiji Quan revealed by Yang Jian Hou.


During my visitWei Shuren y yo (de visita) Wei Shu Ren wanted to give an explanation about “qi” to Zhang Xiumu.They were both standing, first they had done some hand contact. Zhang was opposite Wei, so he held Zhang’s shoulders through his t-shirt, using his thumb, index and middle finger of each hand, as when you hang clothes up to dry, then made a small gesture and Zhang bounced as a puppet making a short hop upwards and backwards. The funny thing was that the gesture Wei Shu Ren had done was somewhat like beating downwards. When I saw it I had the impression that Wei hadn’t done anything to him and that Zhang had jumped by himself, but when I asked him he said that , although he himself had jumped, he hadn’t done it voluntarily, but driven by something which urged him to do it...from his feet! I t was as ifWei had sent his “qi” through Zhang’s body, to the floor, and then it had bounced making him jump.

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