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Chen Xiaowang


Chen Xiao Wang is considered as one of the highest exponents of the tai-chi chuan Chen style, and the lineage that corresponds to the 19 generation.  In China he is one of the four people known as “Guardians of Buda” , fromm the village of Chen Jia Gou.

Chen Xiaowang, en una postura del estilo ChenChen Xiao Wang was born in the village of Chen Jia Gou, in the county of Wen, province of He Nan, in 1946. At the age of six he began studying wu-shu and when he was eight he started regular training with his father, Chen Zhao Xu, and later also with the latter´s brothers, Chen Zhao Pei and Chen Zhao Kui, learning taijiquan Chen style Master Chen Xiao Wang has spread and developped the teaching of tai-chi-chuan worldwide. He created two simplified forms of the Chen style, one with 38 movements and another with 19 movements. From 1980 to 1982, he took part in the wu-shu/ taiji quan national contests celebrated in China, and he obtained a gold medal in the three events.

In 1985 he was champion in the friendly international competition of wu-shu celebrated in Xi An, where he represented the chinese team. Chen Xiao Wang represented his country many times in countries such as Japan, United States, Singapur,etc.,making numerous friends.

In many occasions Japanese martial artists or strong men from Europe or America went to face him but could never beat him.

He has his own teaching method and is very concise, which can be summed up in three points:

      • It is natural
      • Study in a gradual and organized way
      • When you are tired, do the high postures

Chen Xiaowang: su gong-fuThere are thousands of students of his and he has trained many chinese and foreign champions.
In 1980 he worked in the Committee of Sports and Physical Culture of He Nan.
He was also president of the Asociation of Chen Style of Taiji Quan.
He also was a Representative of the People.(a political post in China.)
He took part as an actor in several films about martial arts , and also directed the martial aspect in other films, for example “The pupil of Shaolin”, “The spirit of Kun-fu of Taiji Quan”, “ The prodigious beggar”.
In 1990 he moved to Australia, and founded the “World Society for the Chen Style of Tai-chi Chuan by Chen Xiao Wang” , which has branches in more than 30 countries.
He has been invited by celebrities and presidents of many countries.



He has written numerous articles, and the following books:

  • Chen Style of Taiji Quan, transmitted through generations (Shi Chuan Chen Shi Taiji Quan)
  • Form of 38 movements of the Chen style (Chen Shi San Shi Ba Shi Taiji Quan)
  • The Chen style of Taiji Quan ( in collaboration with Master Feng Zhi Qiang)



Chen Xiaowang: aplicaciones de taichi chuan, 1
Chen Xiaowang, aplicaciones de taichi chuan, 2It seems that Chen Xiao Wang is very keen on having a special kind of tea:”mao jian cha”. Everywhere he goes he always looks for this tea. As his students know that he loves tea, they always offer him the best quality tea of the country he goes to. However , after tasting the tea from other countries, Chen Xiao Wang always takes out his own and makes them taste it. And the fact is that they always want to buy this special kind of tea. One of its features is that while it is soaking in hot water, the leaves go up and down and finally stay floating vertically. Besides it leaves a sweet afertaste which is very nice.

I didn´t have much chance to know him when he was in Barcelona, yet I would point out his affability and sense of humour.

I have asked Zhang, who has a great respect for Chen Xiao Wang, and he mentioned two aspects:
His level of “gong-fu” is really great, there are no tricks.

His humble condition: When Chen Xiao Wang started to be famous, he used to wear a simple light brown tai-chi-chuan uniform, and after becoming a famous and acclaimed person, he kept wearing this kind of very normal clothing, not luxurious at all.

26 November 2005: I have the opportunity to interview him during his third visit to Barcelona. You can see this interview, whose title is: “Serving tai-chi as if it were tea, and doing calligraphy as if it were tai-chi” in the section “articles”.

This is the adress of the web page:

Checking the way of taking root (nov.04) Releasing oneself.(Nov.04) During his second visit to Barcelona. In a class.(Nov.05)


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